Norma Terrace  

This is a project designed and completed 2 years ago. We finally got a chance to arrange a photoshoot with the lovely clients who kindly offered their extremely photogenic dog, Oscar for the shoot. Check out his cool bow tie picked out for the shoot!

The couple is a bubbly pair who has a keen aesthetics sense. A nature lover, the lady owner was looking forward to have a real tree grown in the courtyard originally designed into the house. The idea however has to be aborted due to site constraints. What came after was the conception of an abstract tree structure strategically positioned under the skylight.

The tree functions as a display, but most importantly acts as the anchoring element that stretches its branches towards the living and kitchen, unifying the otherwise scattered areas within the long and narrow layout. Graphical leaves that also functions as hangars, were purposefully cheoreographed to be positioned like they were seemingly blown by a gentle breeze towards a painting in the exact hues of green.