Proj. B Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm that combines the different fields of architecture, interior architecture and branding to create an integrated and self-contained experiential space. By fusing function and aesthetics and keeping a keen awareness to human senses and special dynamics, the firm upholds the philosophy that nothing is constructed without reason.


The firm's core values anchor on the word Bì, a Chinese character formed by three separate Chinese characters Wáng, Bái and Shí.

Wáng means Emperor, represents sovereignty and signifies elite leadership and the careful consideration taken in all aspects of design. Bái means White, represents clarity in thought and purity in design, unencumbered by inessential construction and unnecessary adornments, so as to best convey the intention through design. Shí means Stone, represents a commitment to deliver quality and timeless work.

Bì as a combination of Wáng, Bái and Shí, embodies the firm's primary commitment in achieving and delivering design and services par excellence in every undertaking.


Proj. B Studio approaches design with the philosophy that nothing is constructed without reason. The firm believes that space should be a natural and cohesive extension of the human function, be it a place for work or play, commercial or residential use.

In creating bespoke designs that caters to the needs of clients, Proj. B Studio keeps a keen awareness to human senses and spatial dynamics, altering only what is necessary while pursuing relentlessly the art of innovation.

By engaging a multidisciplinary approach in architecture, interior architecture and branding. Proj. B Studio aspires to create an experiential yet functional space for every user.

Architecture, Interior Architecture & Branding Strategy

Innovation in Design and Branding. Proj. B Studio believes in broadening the scope of design from visual to experiential. Relentless in the pursuit for innovation, while keeping a keen awareness to human senses and spatial dynamics, to create bespoke designs that communicate the story of the brand and can cater to the diverse needs of clients.

Exemplary in Design, Quality in Detail

Proj. B Studio employs a systematic approach in design strategy, employing a thorough preliminary spatial assessment and brand analysis to arrive at the optimal design direction most effective and compatible with the client's needs. The firm takes ownership not only in creating a design of calibre, but also in the delivering a product of quality and durability.

Client Partnerships, Design for Relevance

Proj. B Studio places great importance in the diverse and differing needs of the client and views each project as a valuable partnership. It is by understanding and working closely with the client that the firm could achieve the full design potential of a space so as to maximise the client's advantage. By keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of the market, the firm seeks to create a genuine experience that connects with the ultimate users of the space.